Wednesday, August 26, 2009

caulk and paint won't make it what it ain't

I'm in the door and window business in Atlanta. 25 years of infield experience I haven't seen it all yet but I've seen a bunch. We install all manner of energy efficient windows. Some are vinyl windows, some are clad , some are wood. Including every kind of door unit you can imagine.

This blog is simple tell you that if some painter or handyman tells you that all your rot problem needs is a little more caulk or bondo that you need to get a second opinion from someone who has been doing door and window repairs and replacement as a main stay business for a long time!!!

I will be posting pictures of rot damage, or poor workmanship, where customers were told by their painter that the problem has been resolved.......The caulk and new paint covers over the damage and the rot continues anyway.... I've had the opportunity to fix homes with a diguised repair....exactly what it is........bad repair isn't found by the home inspector, home is sold, previous owner long gone, painter long gone, and 6 months to a year later the rot shows back up and now the new home owner has to fix it......and it ain't cheap and the problem has grown in size........I've seen it happen on more than one occasion.

We found this exact senerio on a home in Marietta, Ga........Penhurst sub-division, a beautiful lake surrounded by homes in the $450,000+ range. Picture wdw looking out over the lake, 8'6" wide by 12' high.....gone!! Massive rot covered by caulk and fresh paint. Home inspector claims it wasn't there and denied any responsibility for the repair. Customer had just moved there from St. Louis , Missouri, had bought the home before relocating and the buyers realtor had hired the inspector, ........The first indication was mildew on the interior wdw. trim and water stains on the sheetrock. End result: $6500.00 repair and then discovered the front door unit had the same senario........can you imagine how upset the homeowners were. We ended up doing alot of repairs for them .